Dance Title Choreographer Level Count
Music movie & step sheet
(original music& Music to use well★)
1 101 Peter Metelnick beginner 32-4
123Waltz     beginner 24-2 Any Waltz movie
16 steps circle Roolin' in me Sweet baby's arms movie
A Achy breaky 4-24 Achy breaky heart
Adalida Val Reeves 32-4 Adalida movie
After Five Stomp Diane Horner 32-4    movie
A'int going down 44-2 Aint going down movie
Alfie Cato Larsen beginner 32-2 Alfie by Lily Allen movie
Alley Cat 20-4    movie
All of us! David Villellas 64-2 Daddy’s Old Fiddle movie
Alligator Rock The Berkshire County Line Dancers & Todd Lescarbeau 48-4 See you later Alligator movie
Amazing Grace beginner/intermediate 4-32 Amazing Grace by The Maverick Choir movie
American Love DEMI beginner 4-32 American Love by Jake Owen Sheet  movie
As good as I once was 32-4 The more I drink
B Baby Waltz 24-4 Any Waltz movie
Bar isn't it 64-2 Dont Fence in me movie
Beer for my horses 40-4 Beer for my horese movie
Beer & Honky Tonk DEMI beginner Catalan 32-4 Beer ,Bait & Ammo by Mark Chesnutt movie  sheet  
Bomshel Stomp 48-4 Bomshel Stomp movie
Buffalo Road Raycountry beginner Catalan 32-4 Somebody Will by Kelsey DiMarco  Japanese  
Bump in the Dark 40-4 No One Else On Earth movie
Butter up! 64-4 Swing movie
Bosa Nova 64-4 Blame It On The Bossa Nova movie
C Cajun Thang beginner 32-4 Mixed up mess of a heart movie
Casanova Cowboy Rob Fowler beginner 32-4 Casanova Cowboy by Carrie Underwood movie
Caterina Cate Larsen Improver 66-2 Caterina by Helmut Lotti movie
Charlston Freeze 32-2 I never really knew you movie
Chatahooch(Light) 20-4 Off My Rocker★ movie
Chica Boom Boom Vikki Morris H.beginner 48-4 Boom Boom Goes My Heart movie
Chill Factor 48-4 Last Night movie
Chu Chu Train 24-4 Wrapped Around★ movie
Cnadian strool 16-4 movie
Copperhead Road 24-4 Copperhead Road movie
Country as a Boy Can Be 32-4 Country as a Boy Can Be movie
Cotton Fields 32-4 Cotton Fields movie
Country Boy David Villellas 2 Thank God I'm A Country Boy movie
Country 2 step beginner 40-4 Long black train by Josh Turner movie
Country Cafe 32-4 Love you too much movie  sheet  
Country Girl 32-4 Country Girl movie
Country Girl shake Michele Adlam beginner/intermediate 32-4 Country Girl (shake it for me) by Luke Bryan movie
Country Hitch beginner 32-4 That's how country boy rolls movie
Country Man beginner/intermediate 32-2 Country man by Luke Bryan movie
Country Mill David Villellas 32-2 Thom Shepherd - Beer Season movie
Cowboy Rhythm 48-4     movie
Country Road 40-4 Country Roads movie
Cowboy Strut 32-4 Redneck Girl★ movie
Cowboy up! 32-4 Bury the shovel movie
Country Walkin’ 32-4、 cowboy★ movie
Cowgirl Twist 32-4 What the cowgirl do movie
Crazy Little Thing Crazy Little Thing movie
Cruising 32-1     movie
Cucaracha 32-4 All you ever do is bring me down movie
Cut a Rag Jo & Rita Thompson 32-2 Roll back the rug movie
Cute Cute Cute 32-4 Brand new girlfriend movie
D Deep Rolling Marie Sorensen 32-4 Rolling in the deep by Adele movie
Dig It Gary Lafferty beginner/intermediate 34-4 Diggy Liggy Lo by Eddy Raven & Jo-El Sonnier movie
Doo Wap 32-4 No one needs to know★ movie
Don't Smoke David Villellas 2 Smoking Grass movie
Dream On 24-4 Any Waltz movie
E Electric Horseman 24-4 Born in the dark movie
Eagle Texas 38-4 We're Here To Stay movie
Eight secound ride Barry & Dian Ann Amato 38-4 Eight secound ride by Jake Owen movie
Electric Slide 18-4 I'll always be loving you★ movie
Eye candy 32-4 Be my baby tonight★ movie
Even if it kiss me Severine Fillion 48-4 Even if it kiss me by Dereck Sholl movie
Everything Easy Jan&Connie beginner 32-2 Everything by Micheal Buble movie
Ez-Pz Lollipop Debbie Small U.beginner 32-2 Lollipop by The Chordettes movie
F Fire & Snow Waltz 24-2     movie
Fly Like a Bird Hesy McAdams intermediate 32-2 Fly Like a Bird by Boz Scaggs movie
G God Bressed Texas 32-2 God bresed Texas movie
Got you too 24-4 Any waltz movie
Green Eyed Monster 32-4 Wicth Doctor movie
GET 52-4    movie
Good Time 32-4 Good Time movie
H Haleluya Ivonne Verhagen beginner 18-4 I'm ready to go by Ricky Skaggs movie
Harley Adriano Castagnoli
Catalan Style 18-4

Harley McTaggart by Tania Kernahan

movie Teach
Hell Yeah,I Like Beer   DEMI   beginner Catalan 32-4 Hell Yeah,I Like Beer   movie  sheet
Hello Dolly Lorraine Kurtela H.beginner 32-2 Hello Dolly by Bobbie Darin
Honey Wake 18-4    
Get Down In Hicktown Janis Graves & Lindy Bowers 32-4 Hicktown by Jason Aldean   
Hook on the country 32-4 Sell a lot of beer
Hott Damn(H.D.) 32-4 No one needs to know★
How Country Are Ya? DEMI beginner 32-4 How Country Are Ya? by Kevin Fowler sheet sheet
How Long Jo Thompson beginner 32-4 How Long by Eagles
Honky Tonk Drive! DEMI beginner 32-4 Dangerous Man,Danger Ahead movie  sheet
Honky Tonk Fix! DEMI beginner 32-2 Runnin Water movie  sheet
Hnky Tonk Lady DEMI beginner 32-4 American Honky-Tonk Bar Association movie  sheet
Hnky Tonk Love You DEMI beginner Catalan 32-4

I Pulled A Hank Last Night
Don't Make Me Come Over There And Love You

movie movie sheet
Honky Tonk More Drink! DEMI  beginner 32-4 The more I drink movie  sheet
I I Love you because Roy Verdonk & Will Bos beginner/intermediate 32-2 I Love you because by Ann Tayler
I need to know Amy Christian-Sohn beginner 32-2 I nees to know by Marc Anthony
Irsh Stew 32-4 Irish Stew
J Jessie's Boys Lynne Martino intermediate 48-2 Boys in the summer by Jessie James

Gabi Ibáñez

Novice 32-4 All You Need Is Me by  Joey & Rory  sheet
Jungle Freak 48-2 On My Radio
Just Beacouse 32-4 Come on over★   
Just for Grins Jo Thompson
K Kill The spiders 32-2 Younneed a man around here   
Kelly's Cannibals Lizzie Clarke 40-2 Cannibals by Mark Knopfler
L Let's Dance Dance Dance Betty Moses beginner/intermediate 32-4 Why don’t we just dance by Josh Turner
Lightning polka 32-4 Sin Wagon
Linda Lu 48-2 Linda Lu
Little Redndck Montse Chafino The Sweet 64-2 The longer upi are gone by Ron williams
London Rhythm Audri R. beginner 48-2 London Rhythm by The Jive Aces
Long Pride Adriano Castagnoli
Catalan Style 32-4

It's Gonna Take A Little Bit Longer - Neal McCoy

Louisiana Hot Sauce 32-2 Louisiana Hot Sauce movie
Lost in me David Villellas 64-2
Wagon Wheel movie
Love Trick 32-4 What's not to love
Low dawon boogie 48-4     
M Mad Cowboy Disease 48-4 Mad Cowboy Disease   movie
Madhouse to the max 48-2 Keep your hands to yourself     
Money Money Money     
Murphy's Law 48-4 If t will it will     
N No Quitter 32-4 I Ain't no quitter   
No fumis - Don't smoke David Villellas 2 Smoking Grass movie
O Okie Dokie 32-4 Not Counting You
Old Dan Tucker Guy Lories & Juliette Tobback 48-4 Old Dan Tucker
One Woman! DEMI 48-4 One Woman Man movie  sheet  
Open heart cowboy Sandrine & Magali 64-2 Little Yellow Blanket by Dean Brody
P P3 32-2   
Peace of cake 32-4 I can't be bothered★   
Picnic Polka 48-2 Cowboy Sweetheart movie
Priority David Villellas 64-4 Chicken Fried movie
Pure Movie 32-2 98.6 Degrees★   
Puttin’on the Ritz 32-4 Pride & joy
Por Ti Sere 32-4
Q Quickly David Villellas 64-2 Working on a tan by Brad Paisley movie
R Red Boots 32-4 My poor old heart
Ridin' 32-4 Riding Alone
Rita's Waltz 24-4 Any Waltz
Rockin Cha 32-4 Any Cha、Love never hurt nobody★
Rose Garden 32-4 Rose Garden
S San Antonio Stroll 32-4 San Antonio Stroll   
The Same way David Villellas 64-2 We're allgonna die someday by Ann Tayler movie
Save A horse ride a cowboy 20-4 Save A Horses by Big&Rich
Save The Honky Tonks DEMI 32-2 Somebody Save A Honky Tonks by Mark Chesnutt sheet
Secret 32-2 I'm Coming Home - Gal Holiday & The Honk
She's A Firecracker 32-2 Firecracker、 I'ts Allright★   
Slap&Stomp Severine Fillion 32-4 Hollywood by Aaron Watson movie
Slapping leather 40-4 Guitars Cadhilack movie
So What? David Villellas 64-2 Truckstop Diaries   
Start The Car Tina Neals 64-2 Start the car by Travis Tritt   
Sugar Kane Josh Tuker 32-2 It Happens by Sugarland   
Sweet Memories 24-2 Sweet Memories   
T Tail Gates 32-4   
Tell Me Ma 32-4 I'll tell me ma   
Ttennessee waltz Surprise
Andy Chumbley 32-4 Tennessee waltz by Ireen Sheer   
Tequila 48-4 Tequila
Texas Bear Footin’ 32-4 Katie wants a fast one
Texas twist 28-4 Honky tonk twist
TQ 32-2 Cowboy Cadhilack
Trail of Tears 64-2 the Trail movie
Trashy Woman 32-4 Trashy Woman
Tush Push 32-4
Twinkle David Villellas 32-2

Summer night lovin' you by Brady Seals

Twist'em 32-4 Twistin' the night away
U Under the Mango tree Cato Larsen 32-4 Under the mango tree by TimTim
W Waikiki Cowboy Mark Cosenza 32-4 Waikiki cowboy-Ansel Brown
West Party   Adriano Castagnoli 64-2 Big Shot by Jason Meadows movie
Wish You Sandrine Tassinari 32-2 Stay Stay Stay movie  sheet(日本語)
Whiskey River 32-4 Don't lock the jukebox  
Wildflower Lisa Johns-Grose 20-4 Wildflowes The JaneDear Girls
Wink 20-4 Copperhead road
Wonder Land 32-4 Honky Tonk Junkie
X Xout 32-2 Tush、100%Texan movie
Y Ya Boy The Ladies 32-4 Long time gone by nathan cater
Yee Haw Robbie Halvorson 32-4 Yee Haw
Z Zatchu Beth Webb &Peter laskowski 32-4 Hole in my head★,Good little gilrs★ movie
    Dance Title Choreographer Level Count
Music movie & step sheet
(original music& Music to use well★)

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